Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Not sure if this means anything

Wow, feels like forever since I've posted on the blog. The longweekend and the sunshine that's finally decided to appear gets in the way of reporting :) But back to business now.

Last week I received some messages about another Liber8 package. I asked Josh to look in to it and he thinks he found some footage from the surveillance system of the Operative entering the building with the package in his bag. Josh's algorithms matched the body shape to the Operative from the package in Victory Square...whatever that means. Computers just aren't my thing.

Not sure if this is important or not. But wanted to share. I guess this means Liber8 is still active even though they've gone quiet recently. You guys heard anything different?



  1. 'Liber8, The Real Story'?

    Better be careful Tyler, or Liber8 will decide you're an even bigger threat than they do now. Who knows what they'll do.

  2. Tyler is overheaded