Tuesday, 26 June 2012

For all the worrywarts

I'm doing just fine. We did end up going camping. The rain broke and we had a few good nights under the stars with no cell phones, no computers, just peace and quiet. I highly recommend!

So, this Liber8 thing seems to have calmed down. I guess they weren't that interested in what they found out about me. Makes sense considering I'm just a kid with a blog.

Friday, 22 June 2012


I just got word that Liber8 is tracking me. This is insane. Apparently there are surveillance photos of me? ARE YOUR SERIOUS? WTF. Leave me alone. Thanks for ruining my camping trip...oh and it's raining.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Happy Hump Day!

With school and all this Liber8 craziness, I need a vacation! Being a journalist sure isn't an easy gig. Can't wait till the weekend. Going camping with my boyfriend. No cell phone reception, no laptops, no Twitter. Should be a real break and recharge. Hope you guys are having a good hump day :)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Way over my head

Ok, so Josh somehow got his hands on this file. I'm not asking any questions.

I can barely make out the words. Josh thinks there's more to this than meets the eye and then spewed some technical gobbledegook about audio files and stuff...I have no idea what he's talking about it's so over my head.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Liber8 Is Spreading

I just got word that Liber8 is spreading. Haven't had much time to investigate so just throwing up this report. Hopefully you guys can help.

p.s. Thanks for all the moral support with my grandma's passing. Really appreciate it...xoxo Tyler.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sad news

I know this blog is supposed to be all professional and stuff. But I just need a place to share some feelings today. I just got word that my grandma died last night. I was really close to her growing up. She was only 79. Apparently, she was fine yesterday and just didn't wake up in the morning. It really hurts. I remember when I was younger going for walks with her in the forest near our house and her teaching me the names of the trees and flowers and how to listen to the water in the streams and not scare off the deer. Anyways, sorry for being such a bummer this morning. I'll be back on this Liber8 stuff soon. Josh, my whiz-kid friend, is still looking into things. We'll see what he finds.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Liber8, A Growing Concern

So I think Liber8 is trying to grow their ranks. A recruitment package was found last week hidden in Vancouver's Victory Square and a new video on their YouTube channel seems to imply that something big is in the works.

With the help of a very brave citizen, we recovered the package and have hopefully slowed Liber8's growth. The package contained propaganda posters, manifestos and uniforms. Some images of the recovered package are below. Reports indicate that the package was attached to a sign post that documented the history of the square and seemed to draw inspiration from it as a gathering place for protests and war memorials.

The contents of the package. Uniforms and propaganda.
The package with clear Liber8 markings. 

The sign the package was attached to. 
My whiz-kid friend, Josh, the one who originally hacked into the Liber8 system, has done some digging and came up with these surveillance images from the park. He noticed a very suspicious character placing the package and seemingly standing guard. Do you notice anything strange about these? You think he's a member of Liber8 or just a hired hand?

Friday, 8 June 2012

New Info

I just got back from meeting with my friend. He didn't have much to say but did give me this file.

He said he hacked it from one of their file systems but had no idea what it meant. He thinks it's some sort of location indicator but that there are probably decoys along with the real location.

They've since changed their security system so he can't get back in. If you guys figure out what this is please check it out and let me know. I'm stuck in class all day. We are doing presentations for our papers from last week...boring.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A friend of mine from school who's a real whiz kid with computers just emailed me and said he found something that he thinks could help with this whole Liber8 thing. He said he'll have more info for me tomorrow...

Monday, 4 June 2012

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Simon Fraser

I sat down with Dr Simon Fraser, a scientist and professor at Gilford University.  Dr Fraser was recently kidnapped from his home by members of Liber8.

Still shaken by the experience, he was kind enough to sit down with me for an interview, and what he told me was both chilling and mind blowing.

You’ve been through a lot, can you talk about what happened?

I was reading in my study room and there was a knock on the door. I went to the door and there was this... brute of a man standing in front of me. He didn’t say anything but I felt that something was wrong, it was very instinctive. I tried to shut the door, he blocked it, and then he pulled out a gun. That moment... I can’t describe what I felt... it all became one blur, I thought I was going to die. He hit me with the butt of his gun and dragged me to their van where his accomplices were waiting.

These weren’t your typical thugs. They were trained, precise and coldblooded. More like mercenaries, very militant. As they drove me to the University, I overheard them talking about a revolution...  a war that was about to come. They wanted to get back to where they came from using the Linear Collider, and they needed me to take them there.

“Where they came from”? Are they not from around here?

Based on what I’ve seen and heard they weren’t, no. Not exactly. One of them was an engineer, said something about “working in a field that doesn’t exist yet.” and he had this strange spherical device, nothing like I’ve ever seen before. They wanted to use the Collider to charge it and get them back to where they came from, like transportation of some sort. It was all quite insane, really.  I have worked in the field of experimental power generation most of my career, and I couldn’t fathom what exactly they were attempting.

Do you have any theories?

Any theory I would have would be pure speculation grounded more in science fiction than actual science.

But you said they were attempting to transport somewhere, correct?

Any fool can attempt anything they choose. Whatever they attempted didn’t work.

There are some interesting points in there - They wanted to be transported ‘back’ to where they came from, and the one said he was an engineer in a field that hasn’t been invented yet.

Where are you going with this?

What if they were time travelers?

Preposterous.  Let’s please just move on to another question.

How did you escape?

A woman, I think she was some type of law enforcement; however, the police thought she was one of them until I told them she saved my life.  All I can say further is, there was much gunfire and a very large explosion.  The police said they all escaped.

Are you worried they will come back for you?

The one that saved me, she assured me that my family and myself would no longer be a target.  They got what they needed from me, I suppose. But one can’t help but wonder --


Before he could go on, Dr Fraser received a call and excused himself. When he returned he apologized and had to cut the interview short.  Apparently the police were allowing him back into the linear collider facility to assess the damage to his work and equipment, and understandably, he was anxious to do so.  

I was a little frustrated, but I thanked him for his time and got to writing up this interview.

So, who are Liber8? Do you think they could be time travelers?  I wish I could see what is going on in that Liber8 forum, I need some proof.

Received some tips over the weekend and think I've got something really juicy. And by juicy I mean unbelievable, literally. I'm just putting the finishing touches on the interview so stay tuned. I'll be posting my exclusive interview with Dr. Simon Fraser later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for all your help. You guys are awesome. Really, my mind is blown.