Thursday, 24 May 2012

Explosions, Destruction, Chaos… And Alien Artifacts?

On a cold, late night walk home; I witnessed something unbelievable that might just change my career, my life and even the way I perceive the universe.

This is one of the mysterious ‘People In Red’ I saw running from the scene.  (Sorry about the horrible cell phone quality)...

Burning rubble and debris covered the entire street.


  1. Give that thing to the police!

  2. I tried talking to them but they just thought I was crazy and told me to let the professionals handle the investigation. Typical. I tried talking to Detective Fonnegra but I couldn't get any time with him. I saw him walk out of an interview room though. He looked pretty flustered.

    1. This is getting strange as hell. From the footage you got too this is just jacked up as heck.

  3. I'd be concerned about radiation from that thing.

    PS I prefer your current hairstlye to the style(?) you had at FanExpo.

  4. Personally, I wouldn't jump to any conclusions yet. Sadly, there have been too many gang related things happening around Vancouver and riots over sporting events. The explosions could have been from some malcontents or someone trying to cause a disturbance. All the same, don't give up looking into this, although, extreme caution is probably advised.

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